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                             OF BOLLYWOOD

Full Name : GOVINDA

Real Name : Govinda Ahuja

Pet Name : Chichi

 Place Of Birth : Punjab, India

 Address :  Jal Darshan
                   A Wing Ruja Park
                  Juhu, Mumbai 400050














       Tell us Govinda where did you get the nickname Chi Chi from?
       Do you have a clue?

        Arre yaar, you know this name has stuck with me for a long time now.
        Pehle pehle when I was working with all the top actresses, na, a lot of
        them used to find me very funny...I think they used to secretly laugh at
        me...they thought I was downmarket, too gawky.   So I think  what they
        actually meant when they lovingly gave me that nickname was
        'CheeChee'. Luckily for me, I proved to them eventually that I am not
        such a gavaar after all...from then they changed it to 'Chi Chi'And now
        everyone called me that. Like you they too have no idea where it came
        from.  But I have no sounds quite sweet I think.

       Does that mean you won't be offened if we call you chi chi too?

        Oh no...feel free to call me by that name.  In any case most people seem
        to have forgotten my real name...

       But Govinda isn't your real name either is it..?

        It's not.  My real name is something else, only....but we decided to use
        Govinda as my screen name for two reasons.  First, my mother used to
        call me Govinda all her   life, and secondly most of the other common
        screen names hasd already been taken.

       But the name Govinda is hardly common....

        No, it's not common.  In fact it's quite unique.  So I thought I might as
        well have a name that is different form everybody else's.  But you know
        something? I have been told that after I joined this industry and became a popular star,   a lot of ladies who are my fans have kept their children' names Govinda. How lovely na?

       Hopefully that's all these little one's have in common with you..

        Why? Why do you say that? I'm not a bad influence...I don't do too much maara mari on screen.  I don't trouble my heroines...I'm just a pyara sa
        bachcha myself.

       But do you think mothers really want their children to grow up and be
       like you?

        That I don't know.  Even if they don't want their children to become
        actors like me, there is one thing I can teach their children.

       And pray what's that?

        Children should learn from me how to love and respect their mothers.
        They should take my example..barely was I able to watch my mother see
        me reap the fruits of my success and her blessings, that she was taken
        away from me.  Children must shower all their love on their mothers and
        give them as much love, comfort and pleasure as they never
        know how long you will have them in front of your eyes.

       Chi Chi what did your mother think of you as an actor?

        She was always very fond of me... There was never an occasion when she
        said I was bad in a film.  Sometimes I would watch an old film of mine and
        shudder to think how awkward I looked, but my mother would still be
        smiling...I think she couldn't think of me as anything else but her son, so
        she could never be objective about me or my acting.   For her, I was
        always the best.

       Does your wife think you're the best too?

        She thinks I'm good, but I don't think she finds me the best.  She's always impressed with my friend Sanjay Dutt.  She keeps telling me how  good  he looks on screen....

       Do you get jealous?

        Nahin yaar, I don't get jealous.  But I keep teasing her all the while that
        others think I am the best, my own wife doesn't think so herself.  But
        that's all in a joke, haan!

       What about your daughter Narmada? Is daddy dearest her favourite

        No...Yehi to buri kismet hai...even my daughter doesn't think I'm the
        best! For her there's nobody better than Salman Khan..She has seen
        Judwa over a hundred times.  My films she can barely sit through.